How much does it cost to hire a skip?

The prices of our skips are based completely on the size of the skip, the delivery address and what you will be filling it with. The length of time you have the skip will not affect the cost. For a full list of prices, just enter your postcode on our online skip ordering page

What size skip do you think I need?

This is the tough one, and it is almost impossible to answer. If you visit our skip sizes page, you should hopefully get a rough idea of how big or small our skips are and decide for yourself based on how much waste you have. We are always happy to visit your property to advise.

I have some of the above non-permitted items, what can I do?

We can supply you with waste dumpy bags or skips solely for this waste, however these are for this waste only, not mixed with other wastes to avoid contamination.

What are the costs for these non-permitted items?

You can add some of these items during the online ordering process, however the full additional charges price list can be found on our Legal Documents Page

Why can’t plasterboard go in with my other waste?

Plasterboard contains a product called ‘gypsum’, which makes it breakdown when it gets wet, which is unavoidable when you’re dealing with waste. As it begins to decompose, sulphates are released and mix with the air, creating the toxic chemical Hydrogen Sulphide.

What can I do if I have some plasterboard?

We can provide small rubble sacks, or you can use your own, which can be placed on top of the skip for a small additional charge, or we can supply you with a waste dumpy bag or if you have enough plasterboard to fill a skip that would be the most cost-effective option. The key point is keeping plasterboard separate from any other wastes.

I have plasterboard stuck to my tiles or insulation board, what can I do?

Unfortunately, this must be separated, which we know is very time consuming, however we are unable to process this mixed and extra charges will be made for our time in separating these.

What happens if I put non-permitted items in the skip?

Whether it was intentional or not, any non-permitted items found in your skip are your responsibility and you are liable for their safe disposal. If items are found that don’t comply, we will contact you and either ask for an additional payment, or for some individual items such as TV’s/Fridges/Tyres request that you come and collect the item(s), or attempt to re-deliver them to your address, although none of the above will happen without speaking to you first.

Will you take an overloaded skip?

In an ideal world, your waste will fit perfectly inside the skip you have ordered, level with the sides, but we understand that this isn’t always possible. The driver will assess the skip to see if they feel it is safe to carry. If they pick it up and the overload is deemed to still be excessive, then an additional charge may be applied.

Why is upholstered furniture restricted?

All upholstered furniture, such as sofas, armchairs, and bean bags, contain Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) that act as flame retardants in case of a fire in your home. Because of government regulations relating to these chemicals, unwanted furniture must be disposed of in a specific way, which creates additional costs for waste companies. We are still happy to take the furniture for you, but we will have to charge a small fee per item to do so.

I am unsure if the waste I have is asbestos. How can I find out?

If you are ever unsure, the safest thing to do is get it tested first before putting it in your skip. We can do this for you at a small cost. All we need is a small sample which we can collect from your site. If the waste looks like asbestos, we treat the waste as asbestos unless testing has been carried out to say otherwise.

How can I get rid of asbestos waste?

We can supply you an enclosed lockable skip, however please contact us so we can offer you some advice on how to safely remove and place in our skips.

What happens if I put suspected asbestos waste in my general skip?

We will quarantine the skip on arrival to our facility and contact you to confirm if the suspected waste has been tested, if it hasn’t you will be charged for the testing, should the results come back positive, the whole skip will be classed as hazardous and will need disposing off as asbestos waste. If the test comes back negative the waste will be disposed off as usual. Should the skip contain a very small item which has tested positive for asbestos we may be able to remove the item without contaminating the other wastes and if so, a small charge will be added for the safe disposal.

What is the maximum period I can have a skip for?

The standard hire period is 21 days, and we ask that customers try their best to stay within that period. If you have finished with the skip before then, just give us a call and we will come and collect it for you. If there have been some issues that means the skip cannot be collected or replaced within that time, just give us a call at 01305 860044 and we will help. We will never pick up your skip without speaking to you first.

Do I need a road permit or licence?

If your skip is not going on your own private land, like your driveway or garden, then the answer will almost certainly be yes. If the land is maintained by the council, like a road or embankment, then a permit will be needed. We can organise this for you at a cost, but there is a delay on gaining permission. The more time you can give us to apply for it, the more likely it will be approved in time for your desired delivery date.

How much does it cost for a permit?

The cost of the permit, lights, cones, and insurance is £125 + vat per 14-day period.

What happens if I have nowhere for a skip to go and a permit is not permitted by the council?

We can offer a wait and load service, where the skip will be dropped, the driver will wait with the skip while you load the waste for a maximum period of 30 minutes at no additional cost.

Can my skip go over a wall or hedge?

It all depends on how high, although we may struggle to lift it over anything higher than 4ft, and hedges are at particular risk of damage. If your happy for us to do that, just let us know beforehand so we are fully prepared for you.

What size vehicle will the skip be delivered on?

Our skip lorries are 9ft wide not including the vehicles mirrors, including the mirrors the vehicle requires 11ft clearance and are 22ft in length. We are happy to do a site visit prior free of charge.

How much space do I need to have a Roll on Roll off bin?

You will need 11ft clearance width and 60ft in length, this is due to when the bin comes off the rear of the lorry this makes the vehicle double the length until the bin is on the floor. The bins have wheels on the rear to assist with offloading so ground conditions must be good and be protected in advance.

How much weight will a 15yd Roll on Roll off bin take if I fill it with heavy soil/inert waste?

The 15yd is the largest bin for heavy waste, when full up this will take approx. 16 tonnes, however, combine the weight of the skip and the full bin this will be 32 tonnes.

How much do Roll on Roll off bins cost?

This is dependent on waste type, for inert waste this is an all-in price, for all other waste types this is done on a transport cost, which covers us to deliver the bin and collect the bin. You then have a disposal charge which is based on the tonnage you put in the bin. If you have a large volume of waste, it is best to contact us so we can advise the cheapest and best way possible to dispose of your waste.

I have a load of mixed waste including heavy soil, can this go in the Roll on Roll off bins?

Yes, it can, however the largest bin for this would be a 15yd, but it could be very costly, ideally, keep the heavy waste separate and maybe have a smaller skip just for that waste. Ro Ro’s are more cost effective on large light bulky waste disposal, rather than mixed heavy waste.

I have overhead cables, will this be an issue?

Yes, a site visit is required for safety reasons.

We will be more than happy to arrange for special collection and disposal of any of the above. Please contact us for the latest up to date information about hazardous waste.